Wellness Advocate Planner

Antplanners planners are designed for business to make friends with your own time! The Wellness Advocate planner is specifically designed for doTERRA Wellness Advocates with the right wording and the specialised structure to serve you in growing a successful Business.

It was created after experiencing a gap in the planner market for doTERRA advocate professionals through participating in Diamond Club in 2016.

NEW Features:
Monthly budget planner, Weekly Meal/Wellness Intent Planner, Important dates to Wellness Advocates, 2021 year at glance in the 2020 calendar year Antplanner

Standard Features:
Comfortable size: B5 (between A4 and A5), Goal setting features in the yearly, quarterly, monthly and the weekly planner Vision Board, Whole year planner, Monthly planner, Weekly planner, Special space for Follow Ups, Wellness Consultations, Order wish list, Monthly and Weekly Volume tracker (PV/OV), Monthly business essential checklist, Motivational quotes for every month and quarter, 12 sheets of Power of 3 Contact list tracker.

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