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Joining my community – are you the right fit?

You wish to make a change!
To feel like you belong to caring and compassionate community who get’s you.
You want in on those events that everyone else always seems to be getting invited to, including travelling interstate and overseas.
To take a challenge with full guns blazing and not sure where to even begin.
You have full self gratitude that what you put out to the world is what you get back in return, and you want more of it.
You would like to create more balance, flow and creativity with love and support of others and of course you would love to introduce natural products or wholistic services into the lives of your family, friends, colleagues and or clients daily lives.
I offer a couple of ways to begin…
1. When you Open a wholesale account with doTERRA through my community  – you are not only supported by the person who introduced you, but have immediate access to our global community, PLUS all the below!
  • Welcome eBOOK and pack full of simple user friendly tips to get your started on your wellness journey
  • Instant access to Antplanners community
  • Plenty of educational eBooks to keep your brain and body happy
  • A 1:1 welcome call + natural lifestyle options
  • 3 month educational email campaign
  • Invitations to join any of my Pure Essentials Community events/programs/retreats
  • Access to my private social media groups – Pure Essential Oils for Families VIP Community
  • Team support, guidance and genuine care from our community

+ more…


2. Start with an Antplanners planner

If you are a doer and just need some good time management tips?

Or you just wish for more family time but business seems to always eat away your time.

You are struggling with constant overwhelm, and lack of time? 

Or you even just want to be apart of a community that will help support you with better planning.

  • You will be invited to join our monthly FREE masterclasses
  • Take up a free 15min 1:1 call
  • Invitation to join our Antplanners Anonymous Community
  • Access to The Time Fix PODCAST
  • Community guidance, networking and so much more.

Let me help you Change your Journey and Make friends with your time!. 

Please complete the form below and we will send you an email with the download link to the eBook