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After being introduced to the worlds leading essential oil company – doTERRA, through thorough research and sampling the products l then fell in love with not only the way they made both my family and l feel but their global mission – to help empower you and your loved ones with health and wellness.

Not only do they reward you for being a loyal customer they provide ongoing product support, education and offer one of the worlds leading compensation plans. As a stay at home mum l knew these life changing products could also help our family earn and gain financially too. 

Through doTERRA I learnt how co-impact sourcing with local farmers helps provide not only Australian farmers but small local communities world wide. Having worked and travelled internationally this was something that has strong ties to my values, especially having lived in a rural farming community in my early childhood.

With doTERRA we try to touch lives, sometimes in little ways, sometimes in extraordinary ways, but one thing is consistent, everything in every aspect of the doTERRA business is done with an intent to positively impact the world.


Each batch of doTERRA essential oil undergoes seven different testing procedures by a third-party laboratory, and surpasses USDA organic standards. Once lifting the lid of a bottle you will notice the difference immediately. 

doTERRA is transparent in their testing of each bottle of essential oil, search the lot number of your bottle of oil and view information on the farmers, growers and GCMS report, check out Source To You

What this means for the consumer is that the oils are more reliable, safe, pure, and potent.

doTERRA not only work with Co-Impact Sourcing communities to improve access to clean water, medical care, education and infrastructure, they also work together with humanitarian partners and Wellness Advocates like myself to create a larger global impact through the Healing Hands Foundation.

I have had the honour of participating in doTERRA’s Healing Hands Fiji Service project in February 2017, this not only cemented my reason to further continue with representing doTERRA it allowed me to grow personally and professionally.


Having access to the worlds leading essential oil company and natural product solutions, through my business it allows me to provide you with education and resources, for you to understand best practises and how these will benefit you, your family or business.  Purchase here

Why a Wholesale Account + the Loyalty Rewards Program

Opening a wholesale account with doTERRA gives you access to the biggest savings.            

By opening a direct wholesale account with a starter pack, this is by far the smartest way to start your wellness journey.

A starter pack also waives the doTERRA $35 wholesale start up account fee and designed to meet each individuals needs and support living with natural product solutions.

Once you have ordered, the products will arrive within a week or so.

My community are a go-getting group of entrepreneurs from all walks of life, including global wanderlusts, stay at home parents, business professionals and an abundance of spiritual gurus. 

We all wish to improve not only our families lives but  those around us too.


YES I hear it often ‘everyone is talking about essentials oils’ and you may have heard they can benefit you BUT do you have no clue where to begin?

How about starting with natural product solutions like l did, then setting up a wholesale account is the best way to begin. This is the way, over 9 million people in doTERRA purchase.

The majority of doTERRA customers begin by purchasing a starter pack, there is an option to open an account for $35 and add your favourite items in lieu of a starter pack.

NOTE: All of the starter pack options that dōTERRA offers,  have the wholesale membership fee waived.

Please see Kit options below, choose and click on your relevant starter kit geographical location :

Australian Starter Packs

New Zealand Starter Packs

American Starter Kits

European Starter Kits

TIP: You may wish to add a Fractionated Coconut Oil, a powerful natural carrier oil that readily absorbs into the skin, making it an ideal oil for topical delivery. It is the most suitable way to apply doTERRA essential oils topically. Fractionated Coconut Oil feather-light emollient effect provides a soothing barrier without clogging pores and is excellent for dry skin.

Ensure you have one of our ultra-sonic diffusers too, believe me when l say one is NEVER enough!.


Connect with the person that has been guiding you up until this point. 
If that person is me – then let’s get you started

Click my direct link below :

  • Then click Join and Save to set up your wholesale account (discounted prices – this is the most economical option).
  • Click your home country/language and where you’d like your oils shipped to.
  • Choose Wholesale Customer (if you’re interested in sharing doTERRA and earning click here).
  • Complete the “About You” page with your details (the enroller field should be pre-populated with my ID number, 2472797 and should reflect my name).
  • Choose your Starter Pack (See Starter Pack options in the above links)                                                                 TIP: If you are after the most wanted LOW TOXIC home or office kit then the Nature’s Solutions Kit would be the best option.
    If you are wanting the most popular essential oils starter kits then I suggest choosing the Home Essentials Kit, this includes our Top 10 most popular essential oils and an ultra-sonic diffuser.
  • Enter in your payment information and then hit “Process Order Now and Continue”.
  • You may wish to set up your optional Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). It provides free product credits for monthly purchases ordered through this program. The longer you participate in loyalty rewards program the more credit you can earn, with up to 30% of your total monthly loyalty rewards purchases, you may order what ever your heart is content with.

Our team will reach out to you to discuss further if our loyalty rewards program is the right option for you.

Once your first order is completed you will receive :

doTERRA welcome pack

email education series


educational essential oil reference guide APP

private Facebook VIP community support group and more.


Thankyou again for purchasing and enhancing your natural product solutions journey.

Both my team and lI look forward to speaking with you and educating you on your natural product solutions.

What l am passionate about most is leading a community of globally conscious women making change!

Happy Oiling

Kirstin Wilson

The information provided is not intended to diagnose or treat any diseases, but rather to provide information & self- empowerment for natural approaches. Please see your doctor or wellness professional regarding specific concerns relating to your individual needs.

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